We are presenting Repertorio 1694,
a wine club reserved for those of you who have been following Planeta
over the years, those of you who have visited our wine cellars, and our loyal customers.


Our history spans centuries back to 1694 when we put roots down with the acquisition of Ulmo, the first of our estates.

Since 1995, our Voyage in Sicilia continued from Menfi to Vittoria, from Noto to Etna and Capo Milazzo; we began jealously preserving the bottles that we gradually produced.



Our varieties, our territories, and our vintages have created an expansive, complex and multiform repertoire of wines over the course of a quarter century: our discoveries and our historical bottles have been scrupulously stored at controlled temperatures and carefully tasted and classified from year to year.

Hence the name Repertorio 1694: our rarities are also the measure of the expressive range of five territories over 25 years.

Today our heritage is accessible to the customers whom we invite to take out to one of our subscriptions.



Wine Club Members have access to a selection of historic vintages in a special wooden case marked Repertorio 1694. Moreover, they may purchase special formats and old vintages, as well as experience the whole Planeta World.

When you join the Club and subscribe to one of the two echelons for 12 months, you will receive 12 Repertorio 1694 bottles in two different shipments: six bottles upon registration and six bottles six months later.

In addition, all Club benefits will be available until your subscription expires.

For further information: